We make washing your clothes simple. We can save time so you can enjoy the things you enjoy. We can save you money on soap, water, heating and electricity. So you can enjoy even more of the things you love. Our prices are simple and affordable.


The cleaning time of your favorite clothes varies depending on the charge, the quality of the fabric, and other factors. The time is therefore determined upon receipt. Generally the procedure takes 1-2 days.

You can bring your clothes to us in parts or all together. What is important for your best service is to emphasize the priority in the order in which you will receive them.

Υou can order at the phones:

2710 222352 or 6977318564 or 6972763921

Through our website in the "ORDER" option

or via email at:

With a personal message in the messenger of facebook ProClean laundry of our store

At ProClean you can find all the cleaning methods for the Clothing, and textile surfaces, carpets, mattresses, living rooms. We also have innovations such as cleaning with microsplitting products without chemical imprint, as well as sanitation-decontamination-deodorization with ozone with the EXTENSOR OZON ECOGREEN TECHNOLOGY unit.

Look for the label with the instructions for use on each item to be cleaned. If you do not understand something, seek the advice of experts. We are here to solve any question, and to suggest you the best solution per case.

Wedding Dress Cleaning !!!! A category in itself. At ProClean we undertake the cleaning of your wedding dress. It is a specialized cleaning service, as it depends on the quality, type, and the charge from stains that it has, as well as if you want it immediately (after day shooting or if the delivery is not urgent) so the delivery time and the cost vary depending on the case. . We are there for you upon receipt to make an estimate and inform you before any processing.

Special prices for professionals and bridal houses!

Are you a student, a visitor for a few days in our city, a soldier or even your washing machine broke down and you have to be temporarily serviced? We have designed the "Laundry or laundry" service for you! We wash and dry your clothes by color category, individually, we fold them and deliver them to you in a package.

As in all types of clothing, here too the washing process is done depending on the quality of the fabric, the burden on stains, the filling and so on. At ProClean we take special care of your quilts and blankets. We wash these items one by one, and after they dry we pack them separately airtight.


For the best service, book your appointment at least 1 to 2 days in advance.

Yes! We can and do wash your carpets not only during the summer season that we all scrape, but also during the winter, thus covering your every need for cleanliness!

You can notify us of the receipt / delivery of your carpets in the following ways:

That's why you can order at the phones:

2710 222352 or 6977318564 or 6972763921

Through our website in the "ORDER" option

or via email at:

With a personal message in the messenger of facebook ProClean laundry of our store

Caring for your carpets is free.

Pickup / delivery of your carpets is free *
Washing carpets at home is very different from professional carpet / rug cleaning. Wiping with a household vacuum cleaner is not able to thoroughly remove dust and debris that accumulates at the base of your carpet. Also, no matter how mild the detergent you use, you can never be sure that you have rinsed it adequately. This can result in soap and dust residues remaining on your carpet resulting in its color becoming dull, its texture deteriorating, it does not smell pleasant and most importantly it starts to get dirty immediately after laying. Unfortunately, another unfortunate result is that we inadvertently create a new source of allergies. So instead of escaping a supposed exit, you are probably doing the opposite. Leave the care of your carpet to us and enjoy quality time with it your family.


We use the mattress daily and spend 1/3 of our life on it. The mattresses are not washable for this and their maintenance is difficult as impossible. From daily use we burden the mattress with about 200lt of body fluids and 3.5kg - 5kg of dead cells per year is a normal process due to the regeneration of our skin and other tissues of the body. This makes the mattress an ideal environment for the growth of mites, fungi, bacteria and other allergens.

Ideally after the first time after cleaning, it is good to repeat the process once a year. This way you will keep your mattress clean, free from annoying mites and allergenic dust.

It is advisable to apply with the most effective anti-allergy protection product Allerg-STOP until the next cleaning to maintain the cleaning effect and to strengthen it with the anti-allergic and repellent action for mites, bed bugs, and fleas of Allerg-STOP with duration up to 4 months.

Allerg-STOP can also be found in our store!

To clean the mattress, we use the professional Royal machine, which acts as a broom and shaker at the same time, to remove dust and bi pollutants. It shakes with 3000 pulses per minute and at the same time absorbs all the carried materials from inside the mattress while it has special HEPA filters for the non-return of the dust and its retention in the special bag. In this way we do not burden the space with microparticles of dust, bi pollutants & allergenic dust that we removed from the mattress. This way we can clean our mattress all year round.

After cleaning the sofa, we continue to be by your side, with microsplitting products that ensure the duration of the cleaning until our next appointment. You will find microsplitting products in our store at 25 Venizelou Eleftheriou Street in Tripoli.

With the power of microsplitting we can clean our living room all year round !!!! As for the mattress, here our vacuum cleaners are with special HEPA filters to prevent the dispersion into the atmosphere of bior pollutants and allergenic dust. Also microsplitting products need minimal moisture because they leave no chemical residues and the liquid element is only necessary for the absorption of pollutants. They are the only ones with innovative micro-decomposition biotechnology, completely safe in direct contact of infants, children and adults with the cleaned surfaces (carpets, upholstery, car lounges, etc.), due to complete lack of detergent residues, soaps and more, thus ensuring up to and 90% reduction in water use. When we have completed the cleaning process, we deliver your sofa with minimal residual moisture (almost fresh).

As our sofa is the centerpiece of our home, we spend most of our free time there, us, our children and our favorite pets (those of us who have). The current conditions forced the whole family to stay at home for a much longer period of time, with the result that the surfaces we use get dirty much faster than expected.

Ideally after the first time after cleaning, it is good to repeat the process once a year. This way you will keep your sofa spotless, free from annoying mites and allergenic dust.

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