The company Pro Clean is a modern vertical unit for cleaning clothes & carpets, which has been operating since 2003 in Tripoli, Arcadia at 25 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street & provides the possibility of receiving / delivering clothes, carpets, rugs / duvets throughout prefecture of Arcadia!

You can deliver or pick up clothes, rugs or blankets at home without having to go through the process of running yourself, with one phone call!

At ProClean laundries you can have FREE STORAGE for all items (even seasonal clothes) after cleaning. We save them and return them to you at the beginning of next season.

In Leonidio since 2019 operates the new service point Pro Clean Point in Zachos Express Courier where you will find all the services of cleaning clothes, ecological cleaning of your carpets / rugs with microsplitting, ecological cleaning of microsplitting mattresses, ecological decontamination-decontamination-deodorization with ozone , etc.

At ProClean we have as our guide and priority the best service and satisfaction of our customers. That is why we are constantly monitoring the developments concerning our industry in order to be able to design and implement specialized services that are personalized and fully meet the personal needs of our customers (individuals & professionals).

Especially now that the Covid era has created increased needs for a sense of cleanliness and wellness we are here with cleaning services for all fabric surfaces & fibers with the innovative Microsplitting method which combines deep cleaning & anti-allergy protection with zero chemical.

Our goal is to provide excellent services with real care and service at the best and most competitive prices that cover our modern and demanding lifestyle, something that you will see from your cooperation with us!

We are at your disposal for any question, advice or information.

Αρ. ΓΕΜΗ: 29027814000

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Sheets and towels

Pro Clean covers a range of services suitable for companies of all types and sizes. From hotel blankets to hand towels at a local café.

Airbnb & Hotels

Washing services for clothing, blankets, duvets, curtains, as well as bio-cleaning of mattresses with microsplitting products and anti-allergy protection & certification

Carpet cleaning

We offer entrance carpet cleaning services for a professional, clean look of your business that increases both safety and comfort for staff and customers.

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