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Ecological Cleaning of Microsplitting Car Salons


Car!!! Our precious ally! What would we do without it? It takes us to our work, our walk, our travels, our excursion, our children to school, tutoring and their activities. In essence, we are in the living room of our car, probably more than the living room of our house.

So how can we take care of its deep cleansing?

Especially now that the Covid era has created increased needs for a sense of cleanliness and wellness we are here with cleaning services for all fabric surfaces & fibers with the innovative microsplitting method which combines deep cleaning & anti-allergy protection with zero chemical.

After all, whether the car is professional or family, deep ecological cleaning is now necessary and not an unnecessary luxury.

At ProClean we clean your car with the most innovative and ecological products microsplitting . The products of microsplitting  need minimal moisture because they leave no chemical residues and the liquid element is only necessary for the absorption of pollutants. They are suitable for even the most sensitive wallpapers

We can guarantee you that the ecological bio-cleaning with microsplitting of the car, upgrades and renews its appearance and the feeling we have as passengers.

The microsplitting products are the only ones with innovative biodegradation biotechnology, completely safe in direct contact of infants, children and adults with the cleaned surfaces due to the complete lack of residues from detergents, soaps and more.

For the ecological cleaning in the car, we give you a written certification for the application of microsplitting products with zero chemical imprint, which lists in detail the licenses, the eco-labels and the ISO of the cleaners used by our workshop.

Because ecological cleaning means cleaning with ecologically branded and certified materials.

For the anti-allergic protection that is imposed indoors as they grow on the fabric surfaces and in the air conditioner mites, mold spores, fungi, pollen etc. In addition, we have the number one product in efficiency the Allerg-STOP which inactivates allergenic loads from mites, mold, fungi, pollen, animal hair.

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