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Ecological mattress cleaning with disinfection and anti-allergy protection


Mattress cleaning is completely safe without chemicals!


Is our mattress clean or dirty?


We use our mattress daily and spend 1/3 of our lives on it. The mattresses are not washable for this and their maintenance is difficult as impossible. From daily use we burden the mattress with about 200lt of body fluids and 3.5kg - 5kg of dead cells per year which is a normal process due to the natural exfoliation of dead cells of our body. This makes it an ideal environment for the growth of mites, fungi, bacteria and other allergens.

After all, mites that burden our health with symptoms such as:

  • Nocturnal and morning cough, stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy nose and eyes, chronic bronchitis, asthma, but also shortness of breath, it is difficult to get out of a mattress, with the traditional cleaning of a household vacuum cleaner.

 The ecological cleaning of the mattress, is necessary even in a completely new one mattress, which in a short time turns into a colony of mites, fungi, germs and bacteria.

Proper cleaning for your mattress is our method, with our award-winning and certified materials. Thus we ensure the best bio-cleaning, care and protection of your mattresses …Because you deserve it.


 The 4 bioremediation steps:

  • Akari-test:  A sample of the allergenic dust is taken through your mattress and the degree of contamination of the mattress is determined.
  • Internal ecological mattress cleaning:  Internal ecological cleaning of the mattress, without water, chemicals, radiation or steam, with the special machine of ROYAL, which with the pulse vibration (shaking) and suction, achieves the removal of germs and all allergens through the mattress, while special HERA filters, which hold in the bag guaranteed 99.99% of all allergens contained inside the mattress, such as mites, mold seeds, bacteria, microorganisms, dust particles, hair, dead cells, etc.
  • Exterior mattress cleaning:  External cleaning neutralizes microorganisms and germs that have been created by stains such as sweat, urine, blood, oiliness, vomiting etc. on the surface of the mattress. It is applied ecological cleaner Solution's state-of-the-art Microsplitting technology, without detergents, soaps, enzymes, chlorine and solvents.
  • Allerg protection - StopRepellant:  Ecological neutralization of all mites, germs and allergens with anti-allergic spray. The new anti-allergy product Allerg - StopRepellant holds the first European Innovation Award. It is dermatologically tested by Dermatest and by the MINISTRY OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND FOOD No. License approvals: ΤΠ19-0052 / 2011. 100% effective in eradicating and inhibiting the growth of mites, fleas & bedbugs. The only approved biocidal product with natural active geraniol that guarantees a spotless and healthy environment.
 To enjoy your sleep in a clean and healthy mattress without allergies and germs you need at least once a year an ecological bio-cleaning.


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