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Ecological Carpet cleaning with microsplitting

Tradition has it that the carpets were laid on Agios Dimitrios feast and gathered near the feast of Saints Constantine and Helen.

What is the most correct and hygienic way to clean our carpets?

The carpets that we all have in our home or in our professional space, are not just a decorative element, but a useful and necessary object. They complement and beautify the space, warm us on cold winter days, there our children play or lie down to play and paint.

Especially this year when the current conditions forced the whole family to stay at home for a much longer period of time, with the result that our carpets and rugs get dirty more and faster than expected, necessitating their professional deep cleaning and care .



What does "Ecological Cleaning microsplitting" mean? 

Your carpets are cleaned exclusively with the microsplitting product line with ZERO chemical imprint and exclusively by specialized associates of the network of eco clean professionals, in state-of-the-art machines in all stages of their cleaning, finishing and packaging. The formulas of the products Microsplitting are deposited in the state chemistry, have a certificate of ecological water management and ECO for 100% biodegradable product. Upon receipt of your carpets, we give you the written certification!

Microsplitting's innovative technology neutralizes stains from the depth of the fiber, as it breaks down the dirt molecule up to 5,000,000 times, giving shine and protection for a long time to all types of carpets and rugs , machine, hand, etc.

Microsplitting products do not contain chemicals, active foams, vapors, biodegradable soaps, chlorine, solvents and other caustic cleaners. As a result, they do not need a quantity of water, as they ensure up to 90% reduction in water and energy waste while contributing significantly to the rational management of waste.


The services we undertake for your carpets are the following

  • Carpet and rug cleaning with free pick-up - delivery from your place
  • Carpet and rug cleaning on site
  •  Free Storage for the current season

Additional services you can request are the following:

  • Protection, waterproofing - nanotechnology, Bradyflammation
  • Nanotechnology protection especially for handmade
  • Mounting & repair
  • Replacement or removal of fringes
  • Rolling, Sticking
  • Latex, liner change, Carpet fixing

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