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The microsplitting technology is the next generation of cleaners for fibrous surfaces and not only because they really clean because apart from pollutants they do not leave chemical residues.

Zero chemical footprint means that with microsplitting products it will not only clean your carpet, living room, mattress, car with amazing results but it will also give you certification that it will not leave chemical residues during cleaning.

The microsplitting products have ecological molecular microscopy technology that is an innovation in the global cleaning industry. Breaks the stain up to 5,000,000 times with a soda-like reaction to vinegar while being human and environment friendly, as it does not contain detergents, soaps, cleansing shampoos, foams, enzymes, solvents, chlorine or other bleaching agents . It ensures perfect results, easily, quickly, and with absolute safety.



Microsplitting technology is environmentally friendly, ensuring up to 90% reduction in water and energy waste while contributing significantly to the rational management of waste. The formulas of the microsplitting products are deposited in the state chemistry, have a certification of ecological water management and ECO for 100% biodegradable product.



The microsplitting products are the only ones with innovative biodegradation biotechnology, completely safe in direct contact of babies, children and adults with the cleaned surfaces (carpets, furniture upholstery, car showrooms, etc.), due to complete lack of detergent residues, soaps and more.


Fiber protection, longer lasting cleaning

The fibers of the cleaned surfaces are kept in excellent condition for a much longer period of time as they are not damaged by the caustic residues of the detergents left by the conventional cleaners. This results in the objects that we have cleaned with the microsplitting series being more difficult to contaminate than with the common cleaners where they leave residues, foam, soap, chlorine, etc. as a result, you attach and accumulate a much larger amount of contaminants than they attach to the washing residue. It also repairs fibers from previous cleanings as it removes residues of detergents and other residues that have adhered to the fibers.

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